Never Too Late: Ron’s First Bikepacking Trip At 71 (Video)

It’s never too late to start.

Ron Manganiello took up mountain biking in his late-60s, and has just started bikepacking in his 70s!

I’ve been cycling with Ron since October 2020 when we first met. I think some of my passion for bike travel has rubbed off because Ron has been slowly acquiring bikepacking bags and camping equipment over the last few months…

Ron is originally from Vermont (USA) but has decided to call Oaxaca (Mexico) home because this is the place on Earth where he’s happiest. Everyone here is in awe of Ron because he’s kind, funny and generous… but also because he can out-ride and out-hike people half his age.

In this film, Ron talks about how he only started mountain biking in his late-60s, why he decided to try bikepacking for the first time with me, and how he is in such great shape at 71 years old. I tried to portray how entertaining, relentlessly positive and playful Ron is in this film – I hope it comes through loud and clear!

It’s also worth mentioning that Ron started a not-for-profit in Vermont that has donated over 10,000 bikes to refugees and low-income workers. If you’re interested in finding out more about his project, check out this NPR radio interview.

Ron Manganiello with his bikepacking setup in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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