The New CyclingAbout Comfort Lab: A Scientific Approach To Ride Comfort

I’m excited to announce the new CyclingAbout Comfort Lab!

If you’ve followed this website for a while, you’ll know that I have a keen interest in comfort-improving components. I’ve discussed topics ranging from stems, saddles, suspension seatposts, and carbon seatposts to rear suspension. I’ve also made the case that steel frames play very little role in ride comfort.

I’m always looking for ways to optimise my ride experience, and using as much quantitative data as possible seems like the best way to find the best bikes and components.

That’s why my interest was instantly piqued when vibration test expert Krzysztof Wierzbicki asked if there was a possibility to publish his existing vibration tests on CyclingAbout.

He also told me all about his plan to improve his scientific approach to finding bike comfort – and just like that, I was sold on the idea.

What Is The CyclingAbout Comfort Lab Exactly?

The CyclingAbout Comfort Lab is a section of this website that is dedicated to finding comfortable bikes and components.

Here you’ll find scientific vibration tests, product reviews with an emphasis on comfort, and interviews with experts in the field.

So far, the Comfort Lab can tell you:
– A rigid carbon fork can absorb more high-frequency vibration than a suspension fork
– A good suspension seatpost can reduce rear bike vibrations by over 25%
Cushcore tire inserts are almost too good to be true
– There is no discernable vibration difference between carbon and titanium frames
– You can improve your front comfort by 20 to 30% using a suspension stem

You can see Krzysztof’s library of vibration tests HERE.

About Krzysztof Wierzbicki

Krzysztof is a cycling enthusiast from Poland who established the GravelBikes.cc website, which has now fully merged with CyclingAbout.

Using a vibration-measuring methodology, he has tested dozens of bikes and components over the years. When a bike component tests well, Krzysztof installs it on what he calls his “benchmark bike”. This bike is used as a point of comparison when testing any new bike or components.

This scientific approach to bike testing has allowed Krzysztof to set up a very comfortable and fun-to-ride gravel bike. You can read about his three benchmark bikes HERE.

But his journey towards the ultimate comfort is far from over. That’s why he decided to join forces with me to not only update his existing vibration test articles but to improve on his vibration test methodology too.

And, why does Krzysztof spend so much on vibration-testing bikes and components?

He told me, “I like to ride, feel free, and explore every route that feels interesting. And I want to be comfortable while doing it. I’m hoping my vibration tests, interviews, and reviews can help the CyclingAbout readers in achieving a much more comfortable cycling experience”.

Please give Krzysztof a warm welcome here! You can see over 30 of Krzysztof’s vibration tests HERE.